Radio Fiji Mirchi offers its listeners with Single Band player. It has a simple one-button operation with volume adjustment and is easy to use and carry.

PRICE: $40




Please support us by only purchasing our Authorized/Legal Radios.

How to identify a Authorized/Legal Radio?

It will have a Radio Fiji Mirchi Logo, Serial Number, Telephone Numbers and also upon purchase of our Radios, you get a Receipt, which is your proof of purchase and your Warranty for 3 Months too.

When you purchase unauthorized Radios, you DO NOT GET A RECEIPT OR A 3 MONTHS WARRANTY.

In Surrey, our Authorized/Legal Radios could be purchased from the following supermarkets:

South Pacific Foods & Island Town Foods

The Radios & Transmitters can also be purchased at the Studio.

If you would like to find out where to purchase our radios in your city, please call us at 604-591-7777.