Radio Fiji Mirchi offers its listeners with the Black Box transmitter for all vehicles in Lower Mainland, BC. Just plug the transmitter set into the car cigarrette lighter, tune to 89.1FM and listen to your favorite radio station.

PRICE: $50



Please support us by only purchasing our Authorized/Legal Radios.

How to identify a Authorized/Legal Radio?

It will have a Radio Fiji Mirchi Logo, Serial Number, Telephone Numbers and also upon purchase of our Radios, you get a Receipt, which is your proof of purchase and your Warranty for 3 months too.

When you purchase unauthorized Radios, you DO NOT GET A RECEIPT OR A 3 MONTH WARRANTY.

In Surrey, our Authorized/Legal Radios could be purchased from the following supermarkets:

South Pacific Foods & Island Town Foods

The Radios & Transmitters can also be purchased at the Studio.

If you would like to find out where to purchase our radios in your city, please call us at 604-591-7777.