Bhakti Ras

Bhakti Ras- 2 hours of Non-stop, Commercial-Free Religious Music



Bhakti Ras is 2 hours of non-stop, commercial-free religious music, capturing hearts and the followers of Punjabi; Hindu, Christian and Muslim Religion.

The program is aired Monday to Friday, 6am to 8am , Sat & Sundays from 7am to 9am.

Other Religious Programs on RFM are :

Aaj Jhumma Hai- every Fridays at 2:15pm. Presented by Qari Abdul Lateef Naumani.

For our Christian Brothers & Sisters, our Sister Station Radio Naya Jeevan from Suva Fiji presents a one hour long Religious Segment, presented  by Sarika Mala. Every Sunday Mornings from 9am - 10am.

During Religious Festivals, we do air Special Programs as well.